The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) was pleased to earn a national award for its 2017 Annual Report that was designed by Zhappo Studios. The Transportation Marketing & Communications Association presented RTA with a Compass Award of Merit for its 28-page report that highlighted significant events during the 12-month period that included historic highs in ridership, the successful passing of a major financial audit, and renewed partnerships with area colleges.

This isn’t the first time RTA and Zhappo Studios has been recognized for its annual report: the 2007 annual report earned two national awards, and the 2009, 2012, and 2013 annual reports took home first-place APTA awards.

Hundreds of people are getting an intimate look at the RTA’s latest accomplishments, its newest services and its positive financial standings thanks to the annual reports. Every year, hundreds of copies of the report are printed and distributed to city officials, regional and state lawmakers, chambers of commerce, schools, members of congress, libraries, media outlets, other Southern California and national transit agencies. The report’s main objective is to provide an easy-to- read, comprehensive and visually attractive document that highlighted successes, popular programs and statistical information related to RTA.