More than 2,500 Riverside Transit Agency bus stops got a whole new look in 2018 thanks to Zhappo Studios. During the summer, RTA began the installation of new signs at stops, phasing out the “Bus Stops Here” signs. The new signs, designed by Zhappo Studios, were a welcome sight for customers looking for simple, easy-to-read information while they waited for their ride. Thanks to the new signage, route numbers are now larger, color-coded by type of bus service and easier to read from a distance.

The signs carry new information such as final route destinations, RTA contact information, and universal bus symbols for non-English speaking customers. Each stop also got its own four-digit number, which came in handy for customers using BusWatch to get real-time bus arrival information. Speaking of BusWatch, each stop also got a separate smaller sign with details about how customers can track their bus using the popular service.


Bus Stop Sign Detail